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Boating creates pollution in our rivers in a number of ways. There is a great deal you can do to prevent your boat from compounding the problem of pollution in our rivers.

  1. Secure all plastic bags and garbage on your boat down below to prevent it from blowing into the river when moving at high speeds.

  2. Cut up all loops on sixpack can holders - these plastic holders often get caught on the necks of birds and fish, killing or choking them.

  3. Never discharge oil or oily waste into rivers. It is a violation of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and carries stiff penalities and criminal sanctions.

  4. Wash your boat on land - use phosphate free, biodegradeable products.

  5. Be aware of wildlife and avaoid injury to dolphins, manatees, and other wildlife.

  6. Obey rules for wake zones - reduce your speed for safety and protection of waterfront lands.

  7. Do not dump your marine waste from toilets and holding tanks into rivers. Not only is this illegal, it puts raw human waste into our waterways, polluting wildlife, and leaving dangerous bacteria for humans swimming in the water.

  8. Be very careful when refueling your boat on rivers. Clean up all spills and report them immediately.

  9. Be mindful of what is in your bilge. Any polluting chemicals in your bilge will be dumped directly into the river when your bilge pumps it out. Do not put any liquids or substances in your bilge which are not biodegradable.

  10. When fishing, be sure to monitor all waste and bring in any lines, poles, and equipment after fishing. Help keep our rivers clean for future fishing!

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