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Natural spectacular beauty. Breathtaking vistas. Gorgeous natural wildlife. Fun, family recreation. Boating, skiing, sailing and fishing. All of these are reasons why Americans love our rivers.

Rivers are home to many people, as well as to a wide variety of species of wildlife.

Our rivers are in unprecedented peril. In the St. Johns River in Florida alone, more than 32 million pounds of nutrient pollution enter every year - equal to 500 full dump trucks.1 In other US communities, industry continues to dump raw sewage, drain-off from chemical plants and unprocessed waste into our rivers.

We as Americans are responsible for the decline in our rivers and we as Americans can do a great deal to improve their quality.

RIVER GIVER® is passionately committed to maintaining the health, cleanliness and enjoyment of rivers and ground and drinking water throughout the United States. Every purchase through RIVER GIVER® results in a donation to river protection. We feel that the ecological integrity and exquisite beauty of Americas rivers must be protected through education, conservation and preservation so that current and future generations of humans and animal populations can thrive.

This web site, our work and our products are devoted to that cause. Every time you wear a RIVER GIVER™ T-Shirt or display a RIVER GIVER™ decal, you are showing your love and support of America’s rivers and that you're taking action to protect them.

1. St. Johns River Water Management District

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